Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Original Songwriter Chlara Unstoppable Album Release On November 3rd, 2014

Press release

British born Pinay singer-songwriter Chlara will release her debut album Unstoppable on the evosound label this year on November 3rd. Exclusive digital album pre-order available on iTunes on September 15th with the hit track You Complete Me available for download. Leading single You Complete Me will be available for streaming on Spotify and Deezer on the same day. 

After two years of hard-earned experience doing live gigs, Chlara has earned steady recognition from her live audience. Upon learning news of this next-generation star, local music lovers began paying regular visits to her gigs and show consistent support for her original songs. Now, this amazing talent is proud to present her first studio album, with a name that tells much about the album, Unstoppable. 

Chlara spent the early years of her life living in England before moving to the Philippines at the age of nine. Her father Cesar passed away when Chlara was only two years old. He was a music lover and left Chlara with his love of music. From the age of three, Chlara was already singing and was very much influenced by the music constantly played at home. She grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Air Supply, The Carpenters, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. 

After moving back to the Philippines Chlara’s mom Gina enrolled her into a few singing schools, where she regularly joined the schools’ singing programs and plays. Chlara began playing the guitar at the age 11 by learning from her brother and from her own self study. She would watch and learn videos on YouTube. Before starting college, Chlara had already started writing her own songs. Growing up, all Chlara ever wanted to do was to sing and to have the world hear her songs. Now that she is fully focused to reach her dreams, she has signed a long term management and recording agreement with the international music company, Evolution Music Group. Chlara’s fellow artists on Evolution’s evosound label include Air Supply and Connie Talbot.

The young songwriter has no lack of experience performing live. At a young age of 20, she already performed with world famous singer Connie Talbot at the Beijing Poly Theatre in China last June, 2013. 

In early summer 2013, Chlara dedicated a thoughtful amount of time to quality recording on her original album Unstoppable with the Switzerland based producer Adrien Zerbini. Chlara and Adrien worked side by side with veteran guitarist Janno Queyquep, bassist Joshua Royeca, drummer Tony Granados and Ivan Lee Espinosa on the keyboard, to produce a set of engaging pop songs. The album features eleven original compositions including tracks like the endearing You Complete Me, a secret love letter to Chlara’s big time crushes Daniel Padilla and Migz Haleco; Unstoppable, a refreshing pop alternative for your playlists; And which girl doesn’t dream of a perfect guy to end the hunt for Mr. Right? – Chlara says it all to her Perfect one on the track Perfect U N Me.

Watch out for her new album coming in stores on November 3rd, 2014!
September 15th, 2014: Be the first to stream the leading track You Complete Me on Spotify and Deezer and the first to own the digital album on iTunes!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dulce, Isay Alvarez, Sheila Francisco, Karylle lead 'Musikal'

Post-event material

In celebration of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 45th anniversary, around 200 theater actors performed for what may be called the “biggest gathering of theater superstars” in history – “Musikal,” held last Friday (September 5) and Saturday (September 6) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The celebration was led by theater superstars Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena, Sheila Francisco, Dulce, and Karylle, who did not take her spot in the front line during the All-Star Finale.

Karylle’s gesture was lauded by some people who noted her humility.

A guest, who refused to be named, said, “Karylle obviously had a spot in the first row, but she was humble enough to stick to her place beside theater heavyweights like Isay, Robert, Dulce, and Sheila. Aside from her excellent performance that night, her humility and character shone during ‘Musikal.’”

Karylle performed lead roles in stage musicals like “The Little Mermaid,” “West Side Story,” and “Cinderella,” and reprised her Sita role from last year’s successful staging of Ballet Philippines’ “Rama Hari.”

“Musikal” opened with the overture by The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra with Gerard Salonga.

The revue started with musicals, which tackled old Philippines – “Walang Sugat,” represented by the comic spot “Makikiliti Kang Totoo,” performed by international musical star Sheila Francisco and Red Nuestro. It was followed by chosen numbers from “Ang Kababaihan Ng Malolos” and “San Andres B.”

The Ryan Cayabyab Singers performed a medley of songs from the musical “Lorenzo,” which elicited loud applause from the audience.

Former Sugarfree vocalist Ebe Dancel’s vocals soared in the “Rock Supremo” spot. He was accompanied by Ballet Philippines’ stars Carissa Adea, Kathrina Trofeo, and Richardson Yadao.

Children musicals came next. The segment opened with “Sandosenang Sapatos,” followed by last year’s multi-awarded “Bluebird of Happiness,” and “Batang Rizal.”

The “vaudeville” musicals were presented next with Roeder’s sexy, comic number “Titina” and the showstopping “Aba Ba Boogie,” from the 1980’s hit musical Katy with Isay Alvarez, star of last year’s revival.

The first act closed on a high note with a performance of some of the songs from Ryan Cayabyab and Bienvenido Lumbera’s “Noli Me Tangere” by the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers and the “Munting Pangarap” number of perhaps the most successful musical in recent years “Rak of Aegis.”

The second act opened with Myke Salomon’s performance of “Magsimula Ka.” Followed by spots from Ateneo’s “Sinta,” “Toilet the Musical,” and Ed Gatchalian’s “Rivalry.”

The cast of “Sa Wakas” performed next with the song “Bawat Daan.”

These numbers mirror the youth’s psyche.

The “Himala” spot was undeniably intense with powerhouse performances from May Bayot, Isay Alvarez, Cynthia Guico. and Dulce.

The mood turned gay when Myke Salomon opened the “Rainbow Segment,” with performances from “gay-themed” musicals like “Caredivas,” “Zsa Zsa Zaturnah,” and “Maxie.”

These fun numbers were followed by a revue of “Rama Hari,” perhaps the most important Filipino musical as it was made by icons of the industry – National Artists Bien Lumbera, Alice Reyes, and Salvador Bernal with the respected Ryan Cayabyab.

“Rama Hari” is based on the love story of Rama and Sita, as presented in the Asian epic “Ramayana.”

OJ Mariano (Rama) opened the suite with “Tagistis ng Ulan.” He was followed by Karylle (Sita), who looked every inch a royalty. She sang the most popular tune from the musical – “Magbalik Ka Na Mahal.” Then, a dance solo was performed by dancers from Ballet Philippines. Robert Sena joined OJ and Karylle for “Awit ng Pagsinta.”

The “Rama Hari” was greeted by thunderous applause.

“Musikal” ended with “Minsan Ang Minahal Ay Ako,” a song from the musical “Katy.” The said anthemic song has unofficially been the “theme of stage performers.” Dulce, Isay, and Aicelle, stars of last year’s revival, led all the performers in singing the song.

After that magical, emotional number, thunderous applause, and a long standing ovation greeted the more than 200 cast members of “Musikal,” further proving that the local theater industry is experiencing a new “high.”