Monday, July 28, 2014


Bea Valera (born on December 12, 1991) better known as “BV” is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) recording artist and songwriter born and raised in the Philippines. As a child, she started doing theatre in and eventually made her way to UP Diliman to study theatre arts. With a true passion for music, she decided to try her luck and focus full time on her work. In 2011, BV turned heads when she was featured as the lead on a music video called “Biglang Liko” by Ron Henley which currently has over 18 million youtube views. Eventually, this led her to do more music videos for other artists like Chicosci, Save Me Hollywood and many more. She is also quite experienced behind the scenes, working as a stylist and production designer from time to time.

BV was first heard in a collaboration with rapper Ron Henley called “Langit” and started singing choruses on live shows for her friends in the hiphop industry like Stick Figgas and Loonie while working as a creative executive for an advertising agency in 2012.  Attending music festivals and watching foreign EDM inspired her to make her own music and collaborated with Kidwolf to make her first track “Unbroken”. After releasing the track on youtube in December 2013, BV along with her producer (Kidwolf) were asked to make the anthem for the Summer Siren Festival 2014. The song entitled “Free” exceeded their expectations as it entered the myx charts and was regularly played at different radio stations. The success of “Free” has allowed BV to perform around metro Manila, Zambales, Pampanga, Subic and Baguio. Staying true to her electronic pop sound, she is currently working with young EDM producers from all around the Philippines, hoping to take original Filipino EDM the next level.

With a strong social media presence, BV is known for her playful tweets and her rainbow hair. A true reflection of her music, she is free spirited, colorful and ready to bring something new to the table, fusing her bright and sweet voice with EDM beats that range from light electropop, big room trance and even trap.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Absolute Play “Little Miss Homewrecker”

Release Material

Talented as they are, the young musicians of Absolute Play have already composed 11 original songs. They play honest to goodness youth-punk music sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes, and good values. Their kind of music surpasses boundaries of age, capturing the young and the young-at-heart with their feel good songs.NEW ALBUM

Absolute Play’s new album, “Children Of Chaos” is still available in both CD and USB formats. The new USB medium aims to revolutionize the way people acquire their favorite artists’ music. It is sold in 4gb and 8gb variants, thin and lightweight, and can be stored in one‘s wallet.

“Children Of Chaos”, which was produced by 12 Stone Records, contains ten tracks including “Little Miss Homewrecker”, “Hard Easy Semi-Correct”, “Beautiful Star”, and “My Old Pal”.

After Absolute Play, other 12 Stone Records acts like Barbie Almalbis, Rocksteddy, and Save Me Holllywood are also scheduled to come out with USB Card versions of their albums. Stay tuned for updates regarding the dates of release.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


"Dragon Nest," the MMO-based game the world loves to play releases its music video for its movie-adapted release entitled "Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn."

                The music video entitled "Gem of Love" performed by Keely Hawkes,  introduces us to a group of warriors, young and legendary alike trying to save their kingdom from an impending doom that is bent to annihilate all living creatures.   The video pans too on the mostly humorous, sometimes romantic encounters between Lambert and Liya - both young warriors in training who met at a time when their kingdom need them most.

                "Dragon Nest: Warrrior's Dawn" is from Shanda Games in collaboration with Mili Pictures who is also produced by Bill Borden, known for his works in blockbuster movies such as "Mission Impossible 3," "Kungfu," "Meet the Robinsons" and "Kung-Fu Hustle." Additionally, he also produced the successful "High School Musical" series.  The film is directed by Song Yuefeng. 

                “When I look at the dragon, I thought it would be a great property, a truly international property. It will go around the world. Chinese film has a hard time playing outside of China but this one will. It will play all around the world,”  Borden enthuses of the movie.

                "Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn" is about to open in local theaters (Phils.) on December 3 from Axinite Digicinema.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Aiza Seguerra signs with Universal Records

Multi-platinum recording artist Aiza Seguerra signed a recording contract with her new record label Universal Records last July 11.

The signing was attended by (L-R) Annabelle Regalado-Borja, manager of Aiza, Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go, Aiza, Universal Records Operations Manager Peter Chan, and Universal Records Head of Music Production Ito Rapadas.

Aiza is set to release a new album before the end of the year.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A new ‘Your Year’ for Malay; launch this July 25

Press release

The road to the release of alternative band Malay’s debut CD is unlike any local releases. Years ago, the band digitally released “Your Year.” Due to insistent public demand, the band decided to re-record all the songs from the digital album and include two new tracks for the release of the 2014 version of “Your Year,” which will be launched this July 25 at Last Home, Ortigas Home Depot.

The album launch features performances from Malay and other bands. Entrance to the launch is the band’s CD.

I consider this album a totally different animal from the initial digital release of ‘Your Year,’” says Malay frontman Pochoy Labog. “Now backed with the support of a major label, we've had more resources to use for production, starting with our producer, Mr. Jorel Corpus.”

With the help of their new producer, Pochoy feels that the songs in the album are closer to how he imagined it to be, or even better.

Malay is composed of Pochoy (vocals and guitars), Miguel Dayanghirang (bass), and Alden Abaca (drums). 

“Working on the album took us out of our comfort zones, when needed,” states Pochoy. “I almost regret releasing the songs digitally, but I guess, it is part of the journey of this album.”

Pochoy considers this CD a “first meeting” with the listeners, and further adds, “they will experience the full sound of Malay for the first time.”

Asked why it was decided to release this album in physical format, Pochoy explains, “the decision to put this album out in CD format was brought about by requests from our listeners. I guess, to them, it is still necessary to have something tangible to experience the music.”

The music video of the album’s first single “Anak Ng Diyos” has been released on MYX.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Begin Again Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Featuring original music performed
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
OUT NOW on SPINNR, DEEZER, iTunes & Spotify!
Opens in Cinemas Nationwide July

Academy Award winner (2006 Best Original Song for “ONCE”) Irish writer-director John Carney brings his musical genius back to the big screen through his latest film, “BEGIN AGAIN”, a soul-stirring comedy about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features the singles “Lost Stars,” “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home” and “Like A Fool.” The songs were co-written by Gregg Alexander, Danielle Brisebois, Glen Hansard and
others, performed by Adam, Cee Lo Green and the film’s co-star, Keira Knightley.

In a press interview Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, expressed that “It
might sound heavy to say but the film asks the question: can a song save your
life?  I do believe that the energy you feel when you hear a song that you respond to emotionally – it can change your life, and maybe save it in a way.  Music saved my life, because I love it so much that I don’t know what I would do without it.”

In “BEGIN AGAIN”, past-his-prime record executive Dan Mulligan (played by Mark Ruffalo) is facing a failing marriage, a career he can’t keep up with, and a daughter he can’t connect to.  But at his most desperate moment, he hears a powerful song by Gretta (Keira Knightley), an unknown musician on the brink of giving up her musical dreams after an unexpected heartbreak and frustration with her former lover Dave (Adam Levine).  From this chance encounter emerges an enchanting portrait of a mutually transformative collaboration, set to the soundtrack of a summer in New York City.


Adam Levine – Lost Stars
Keira Knightley – Tell Me If You
Wanna Go Home
Adam Levine – No One Else Like You
Cee-Lo – Horny
Keira Knightley – Lost Stars
Adam Levine – A Higher Place
Keira Knightley – Like A Fool
Cessyl Orchestra – Did It Ever Cross
Your Mind (Demo Version)
Cee-Lo – Women of the World (Go On
10.   Keira
Knightley – Coming Up Roses
11.   Cessyl
Orchestra – Into the Trance
12.   Keira
Knightley – A Step You Can’t Take Back
13.   Adam
Levine – Lost Stars (Into the Night Mix)
14.   Cessyl
Orchestra – The Roof Is Broke (Demo Mix)
15.   Keira
Knightley – Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (Rooftop Mix feat. Hailee Steinfeld)
16.   Cessyl
Orchestra – Intimidated By You

Download “BEGIN AGAIN: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” online via or
iTunes - Or stream the music through Deezer and Spotify! Available in CDs by July 21. The soundtrack is exclusively distributed by MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).