Thursday, February 12, 2015

My New Heart: Barbie Almalbis' New Album

Reasons Why You Should Get Barbie's new album:

*It's been a while since she had an album.

*She composed the songs in the album.

*Some of her songs are about her family.

*Her husband, Martin Honasan; did the cover art.

Things you probably don't know about Barbie.

*She is a full-time mom, She doesn't do any more work unless she has a gig.

*She also paints like her husband.

*She has no beauty secret on why she still looks as young as back in the days of her former band.

*New Heart refers to her passion for music.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1D World Restocks Items Due to Public Demand; Only Open until Feb 28

Press release

Good news, Directioners! Due to public demand, One Direction’s official merchandise store in the Philippines, 1D World, has replenished 1D’s most popular items for sale!

Manila, Philippines – February does not just mark the season of love but establishes the one-month marker until boy band sensation, One Direction, sets foot in Manila to perform for 60,000 fans in a two-day concert at the Mall of Asia Grounds.

In anticipation of the most awaited concert of the year, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. (SMLEI) in partnership with Music Management International (MMI), AEDI, and Ovation Productions announced the opening of the very first 1D World Pop-up Store in the Philippines. Creating unique involvement activities for the fans, 1D World is not only a merchandise store with the boy band’s original and exclusive items--- 1D World is a venue where every Directioner gets to have the full 1D experience! Now, each Directioner can have a piece of the band through hoodies, T-shirts, and even portable standees. Fans have limitless photo opportunities at the mini stage with 1D standees, the London telephone booth, and while they are signing at the freedom wall which will be sent to 1D during their concert tour in Manila. For a limited time, Directioners can get their hands on exclusive items including IPhone cases, swallow logo necklaces, wristbands, tote bags, 1D badges and posters of the band members, plus many more premiere items exclusive to 1D World Manila!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Press release

MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical” brings together not only talented actors, singers, and dancers, but critically acclaimed musicians too! Audiences will be treated to live music in each show, care of the Radioactive Sago Project. The sought-after group is taking over where the Eraserheads left off in 1991, as the production’s live band.

The Radioactive Sago Project’s perennially surprising stylistic excursions have earned them a cult following, from critics to art fans, even to discerning rock audiences. The band is fronted by four-time Palanca Award-winning writer Lourd De Veyra, along with alumni from the UP College of Music, two-time Gawad Urian awardee for Best Music, Francis De Veyra on bass, Jay Gapasin on drums, Junji Lerma on guitars, Pards Tupas on trombone, Arwin Nava on percussions, and Wowie Ansano on trumpet. Eventually, the band added Roxy Modesto (tenor and baritone saxophone) and B-boy Garcia (turntables) to beef-up the lineup.

“We’re greatly honored to be performing alongside the Radioactive Sago Project,” says Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales. “We had a great experience working with them during Rock Supremo, so we are very eager to do so again.”

As the talent-studded cast of “MANHID” will be doing the singing for the show, frontman Lourd De Veyra’s involvement in the production is limited. His brother, Francis De Veyra serves as the production’s Musical Director, which he did for “Rock Supremo” as well. As a whole, the band brings a new vitality to the musical’s songs, which were originally performed in 1991 by the Eraserheads.

Before they went on to become one of the Philippines’ leading pop music groups, the Eraserheads started off as a little-known band in the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Composed of Ely Buendia on vocals, Marcus Adoro on guitars, Buddy Zapala on bass and Raimund Marasigan on drums, the members came together when the college bands Curfew and Sunday School merged. As the band started performing original songs rather than covers, they soon earned a cult following in the university, which gradually spread outside the campus. The group disbanded in 2002, and last performed together in London in 2014. They released two new songs via Esquire Magazine’s September 2014 issue, their first release of new material in more than a decade.

“MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical” will have a three-weekend run at the CCP Main Theater on February 20-22, February 27-March 1, and March 6-8, 2015. Inspired from comic book super heroes of the 60 - 90’s, “MANHID“ introduces a new generation of Filipino super heroes redefined for today’s times. Set in an alternate present day Philippines where the EDSA revolution failed, this musical features heroes and villains with superpowers, and a people sick with Kamanhiran (Apathy). “MANHID” is the final production in BP’s 45th anniversary season.

The cast is led by Sandino Martin as Bantugan, who recently won Best Actor at the Cinema One Originals Awards Night for his role in “Esprit de Corps”. He alternates with BP apprentice Mark Anthony Grantos. The female lead, Lam-Ang, is played by recent UP Diliman Theatre Arts graduate Teetin Villanueva, and award-winning Tanghalang Pilipino Actors Company member Regina De Vera. Also starring in this production are Gold Villar, Kim Molina, Jean Judith Javier, KL Dizon, Ronah Rostata, Fredison Lo, Ricardo Magno, JV Ibesate, and Mayen Estanero.

Ballet Philippines dancers also take on the challenge of portraying the roles of comic book heroes and villains. Featured are Jean Marc Cordero, Katherine Trofeo, Richardson Yadao, Earl John Arisola, Cyril Aran Fallar, Emmanuelle Guillermo, Timothy Paul Cabrera, Rita Angela Winder, Denise Parungao, Kazier Policarpio, Ma. Celina Dofitas, Victor Maguad, and Erl Emmanuel Sorilla.

The artistic and creative teams of MANHID: The Pinoy Superhero Musical are led by Paul Alexander Morales (Director and Choreographer), Alden Lugnasin (Choreographer), Francis de Veyra (Music Director), Zard Eguia (Set Designer), Victor Ursabia (Costume Designer), Roman Cruz (Lighting Designer), William Moraga (Pre-Production Designer) and the Radioactive Sago Project (Live Band).

For bulk reservations, show buys, and inquiries, visit or call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. For tickets, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.
Connect to Ballet Philippines online through the following social media networks:

Twitter:          @balletph
Instagram:    @balletphilippines

The 45th Anniversary Sapphire Season. Rare scenes of power and grace. Love, valour and redemption. Under the artistic directorship of Paul Alexander Morales, this is a toast to 45 years of dance excellence! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

The HUSH Project by Brad Go

List of things you should know about The Hush Project and Brad Go:

-Brad is primarily a film maker.

-Brad auditioned for The Voice both here and in U.S. but never made it to the cut.

-The HUSH Project are songs inspired by his travels in eight countries. He interviewed people about their perspective of love.

-HUSH is an acronym for Have U Seen Her. It can be taken as Have U Seen Him to make it more inclusive.

-The art cover is also Brad's work.

-Brad wants to collaborate with Gary V. He listens to classics of Stevie Wonder, Barry White and the Beatles.

-His favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine In The Spotless Mind.

-His dream vacation is somewhere he never been before. Perhaps somewhere where there is a beach in Southeast Asia.

Brad Go got this idea to travel around the world to gather stories of love after a brief romantic encounter. It began in a rainy evening in New York City. While commuting, he found himself standing beside a beautiful girl and offered to shared his umbrella.What became an unforgettable encounter may seem happen in movies but Brad wrote about a song "Have U Seen Her". Thus began the quest.

Brad was convinced that there are other stories out there that are waiting to be told. The fruit of this search produced this album called The Hush Project. You may notice that the "J" in the project looked like an umbrella.

In this quest, Brad discovers that 'Inspiration comes everywhere". The Hush Project is now available in record stores and also online via Spotify. But I suggest you get the CD because there are some good stuff in the CD cover like the lyric booklet which has a background of each song. Truly, love is universal regardless of language.

I highly recommend this album because the how it was presented is very unique and everyone can relate to it regardless of which orientation you belong to. I am currently single too like Brad but I am not closing my doors to a relationship but I am not raising my hopes up since I am almost 40(sigh!).

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let KZ be your date on V-Day

List of reasons why you should make KZ Tandingan your date this Valentine's Day:

-It is her first solo performance. Recently, she was a guest artist. The last one was with Piolo Pascual.

-It is an intimate show. She will engage the audience. It is not the traditional concert like there's a stage. She will probably be approaching you and talk to you. She might even serenade your song for you and your date.

-Although it is not relevant, you will see her for the first time with her new short hair.

-Even though you don't have a date, you can just go with your family or friends.

After X-Factor, she also had an entry at Himig Handog. She will not just sings songs for V-Day but she will sing songs with emotions that will let you say, I know that feeling.

During Valentine season, she just spend it with her family because V-day is not just for couples but for anyone you like to spend it with. KZ points out.

Her musical influence icludes Up Dharma Down, Zia Quison, Lauren Hill.

KZ will be performing for Valentines at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas. It will be at 6PM for dinner and the actual performance will start at 8PM. The Valentine event is titled KZ 4 U.

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