Tuesday, June 7, 2011


His music kept us humming for generations. After decades of being with the renowned group APO Hiking Society most notably as its main composer, Jim Paredes is going solo. The product of his first undertaking is “Laro” released under MCA Music.

Hear songs he wrote himself like the carrier single “Butong Pakwan” and other tracks like  “OPM Rap,” “Butong Pakwan,” “Ang Ganda Mo,” “May Araw Ka Rin,” “Sinungaling,” “Feeling Guilty,” “Libog Lang Yan,” “Lumisan Na Siya,” “In My Heart,” “Basic Love,” “Sumpa,” “Live Your Own Life,” “Mangarap at Managinip” and “Palagi-lagi.” Learn from the legend as he shares to one of the country’s premiere guitarist/ host francis Reyes on how he crafted these songs. MCA’s newest music gem Tricia Garcia guests. Buy a copy of Jim Paredes’ album “Laro” at the venue and have it signed by Jim himself after the show.

“I am excited, thrilled, proud and giddy about the product of my latest passion,” Jim said about his album.

With a profound and talented composer like Jim Paredes, expect an album with motley collection of different themes.

“Some of the new songs date back to the ’80s when I made them and had put away in a baul in my head. I never presented some of them to APO or anyone else because I felt they were not ready to be heard. Some songs were written for APO but never saw the light of day,” Jim said. “My purpose with this album is to bring forth into the world my creative offspring. Like real kids, some are modern and hip, some are old-fashioned, some like to experiment, some are moody and some are the cuddly types who enjoy making me feel good and mushy.”

“Laro” is now out in CDs under MCA Music. To download the single “Butong Pakwan” as your ringback tone, just text 5492565 and send to 2300 for Sun subscribers, KK353 and send to 2332 for Globe and BPAKWAN and send to 2728 for Smart. Check out more of Jim Paredes and other MCA artists at www.facebook.com/mcamusic. 

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