Friday, September 14, 2012

The Wanted is now here in Manila!

Max. Nathan. Siva. Jay. Tom. They are The Wanted, U.K.'s sexiest boyband  is now here in the Philippines to perform at Smart Araneta Coliseum.  They are known for such hits like the #1 single, 'Glad You Came' and their latest hit single, 'Chasing The Sun' was a featured track in the animated film, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
The Wanted during the press conference at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

Last month, they were given an triple Platinum award in U.S. for 'Glad You Came'. As British-Irish group, they were influenced by their own British pop industry especially with their homegrown icons like the Beatles. Besides that, they also give respect Korean Pop when they joined PSY perform Gangnam Style on stage. When I ask them what made KPop appealing, they simply admire the latest craze in Korean Pop and they find PSY "crazy in a good way" and they even did the same cowboy dance move for a few seconds.

Since they haven't been around after arriving at the airport, they can't comment yet how they find the Philippines but they were welcomed with smiles upon entering the hotel. When asked if they can consider dating a Filipina, they immediately answered yes.  The concert will be on payday Friday so better leave early as The Wanted performs right before your own eyes.

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