Friday, November 30, 2012

Nyoy Volante New Album: Tuloy Pa Rin

I got to meet Nyoy Volante in an informal conference at MCA Music in Ortigas to talk about his new album. Entitled "Tuloy Pa Rin", it is a line up revivals and original songs. His album flagship song, Tuloy Pa Rin is a revival.

The album is composed of two disc. The other disc is a minus-one. The album also includes a duet song with Sabrina. Although the two had a duet in live performances, this is their first duet on a recording. Sabrina already is making a name for herself not only locally but also abroad. She has frequent performances in Indonesia.

Besides the CD, Nyoy's songs are also available in iTunes. Nyoy was very glad that he is also benefiting from sales online via iTunes. Nyoy said that he keeps himself busy in performances regardless of the occasion but there will surely be Valentine performances in February. The album is available in music stores in early 2013.

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