Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Soomin and Crispy Crunch Media Conference

K-Pop music has large influence on Pinoys especially for those who watched Tagalog dubbed Korean TV series and it's not just because of PSY. Recently, there was a K-Pop concert held here in Metro Manila and I got to see three of the Korean performers.
Soomin belonged to a Korean pop group April Kiss. Crispy Crunch said they are a electronic hiphop duo. Unfortunately, there was no translator around but one of the Crispy Crunch can speak English. They enjoyed the Filipino audience and they had the chance to meet R&B singer Nina whom they described as a beautiful voice.
They are not limiting themselves to collaboration like what the three did in their act during the concert. When they were ask whom they can collaborate with in the Philippine entertainment scene, Crispy Crunch duo admit they watched MYX.
What you don't know about Crispy Crunch is not only they are frequent viewers of MYX but they also had crushes there. One is attracted to Nikki Gil and the other is to Iya Villania. Soomin and Crispy Crunch will soon have their own album under MCA Music. For more concert news and album launches, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter.

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