Friday, July 26, 2013

Wala Pang Titulo by Ron Henley Album Launch

Promising hiphop artist and rapper Ron Henley launches his debut album, Wala Pang Titulo at Nation Bar & Grill in Quezon City last July 24, 2013. The album is composed of a six-track original songs all written by Mr. Henley himself.

First discovered in a noon time variety show by the late Master Rapper Francis M., he took Ron under his wing to give him a break in the music industry. I was given a dose of his music who performed with his girlfriend who also had a duet in one of the tracks. I find his songs will appeal to the younger audience as it also appeals to me.
Biglang Liko was one of his breakaway hits. The song is already two year old song. To master his craft, he does freestyle rapping sessions everyday. It is no wonder that Ron Henley is handled by the same management as Abra. The songs he wrote were his reflections from his obstacles and past experiences.
When asked about the cover album design, Ron says that it simply reflects his obstacles and how he overcome it. He also adds being an avid gamer also influenced the cover art. I got to ask him some questions in private.
Who would you like to collaborate/work with in the future?
Paraluman, Join The Club,  and Solenn Heusaff.
We just had this year's State Of the Nation Address. If you were the president of the Phils., what laws you would like to implement?
I would legalize marijuana. Most are not aware that there are health benefits. It is legal in Latin America. Improve our economy and system like the traffic and cigarettes that are contradicting to what the lawmakers are doing.
The question was also asked to the late Francis M. and you both had the same answer. Do you have regular gigs?
For now, it is just mall tours to promote the album.

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