Saturday, August 9, 2014

AFTER FOUR band Rises

I was invited to a launch of the new band not knowing I will really enjoy this Friday evening as this new band debuts with the concert. After Four got its name because they sing cover songs in gigs which usually starts around 4PM and goes home after 4 in the morning.

They do cover from light rock tunes and now having their own album under independent label. Not only that, their concert which I attended are performed with guest artists who are veterans in the entertainment industry such as Isabel Granada, Richard Reynoso and Lilet. It's truly a Throwback era because they are beyond the years to most of the band members.

I can compare their vocalist similar to Bamboo who happens to be their favorite recording artist. Now there's a potential collaboration. Before the concert started, there was an video showing the love ones of each band member telling some stories about their background, struggles and how supportive they are.

One of them was related to another singer that Ms. Granada and Ms. Lilet knows in their That's Entertainment days which is Manilyn Reynes. Good thing that Mr. German Moreno was also present so he could give this new band some boost in exposure.

The current band roster is not the original when they started but they are the current roster that is part of the album. Watch out for more updates and probably you can bet that their songs can be played in the airwaves.

The concert and band launch was held August 9 at Teatrino in Greenhills. For more concert schedules, album launches and press conferences, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs.

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