Friday, February 6, 2015

The HUSH Project by Brad Go

List of things you should know about The Hush Project and Brad Go:

-Brad is primarily a film maker.

-Brad auditioned for The Voice both here and in U.S. but never made it to the cut.

-The HUSH Project are songs inspired by his travels in eight countries. He interviewed people about their perspective of love.

-HUSH is an acronym for Have U Seen Her. It can be taken as Have U Seen Him to make it more inclusive.

-The art cover is also Brad's work.

-Brad wants to collaborate with Gary V. He listens to classics of Stevie Wonder, Barry White and the Beatles.

-His favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine In The Spotless Mind.

-His dream vacation is somewhere he never been before. Perhaps somewhere where there is a beach in Southeast Asia.

Brad Go got this idea to travel around the world to gather stories of love after a brief romantic encounter. It began in a rainy evening in New York City. While commuting, he found himself standing beside a beautiful girl and offered to shared his umbrella.What became an unforgettable encounter may seem happen in movies but Brad wrote about a song "Have U Seen Her". Thus began the quest.

Brad was convinced that there are other stories out there that are waiting to be told. The fruit of this search produced this album called The Hush Project. You may notice that the "J" in the project looked like an umbrella.

In this quest, Brad discovers that 'Inspiration comes everywhere". The Hush Project is now available in record stores and also online via Spotify. But I suggest you get the CD because there are some good stuff in the CD cover like the lyric booklet which has a background of each song. Truly, love is universal regardless of language.

I highly recommend this album because the how it was presented is very unique and everyone can relate to it regardless of which orientation you belong to. I am currently single too like Brad but I am not closing my doors to a relationship but I am not raising my hopes up since I am almost 40(sigh!).

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