Sunday, January 31, 2016

3 Stars and A Sun review

Francis Magalona may be gone but he is alive because of his music and those who understand his message. The message of FrancisM's songs also came to life because of PETA's latest musical production, "3 Stars and A Sun".

After the success of Rak Of Aegis, PETA once again compiled the music of one of the Philippines' respectable music icon and rap pioneer and made a story out of it. Just like Rak Of Aegis, I never expected these specific rap songs can tell a story. Thanks to the writing of Rody Vera and Mix Villalon.

The story takes place in a possible future after a nuclear holocaust that made the Filipinos fled to a domed shelter called Stormdome. The surviving Filipinos were subjected to mind wipe when the democratic government falls and the rise of a new dystopian society. The next generation that follows has no idea about their true heritage.

Living inside the Stormdome, the dystopian society has two existing factions. Those who live in Lumina is the one who governed and the working class in Diliman. The status quo is the theme of the story.

It is also interesting that Francis M's songs fit right in the story and the society. Just like Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady, it is also has sci-fi element to it. But the best part of the production was how relevant and timely this story is in Philippine's current events. This is probably the best time to consider this coming election.

I like how they designed the set. It is combined of futuristic and post-apocalytic with a touch of steam punk. The sci-fi element is not far off.

"3 Stars and A Sun" opens at PETA starting February 4 until February 7. A tip before watching. Be sure to sing the National Anthem up to the end so you can understand how significant it is to the story. For more musical productions, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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