Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pioneer Insurance Campus Caravan Songwriting Contest

Last year, Pioneer Insurance sponsored another Campus Tour with The Virgin Labfest in collaboration with Tanghalang Pilipino. This time, the craft is song writing. The collaborators for this year are with FILSCAP, the biggest name in the song writing industry in the country.
Signing of MOU

In the launch, we are not only witnessing the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the collaborating parties but also performances and testimony of the artists present of how they started their career as songwriters.

FILSCAP is a governing body of songwriters that protects their rights especially copyrights if there are concerns infringement. It also involves protection against piracy. Just so happens, that my high school classmate was also part of FILSCAP.

The purpose why Pioneer is doing projects like these because of the negative image of insurance in the country. But if you use a medium like music, video and theatre arts, etc., you get the people interested and orient them.

The theme of the song needs to be relevant to today's theme which is "#MoveOnLang". Present during the signing of the MOU are Pioneer Insurance's Mr. Lorenzo Chan, Jr. and FILSCAP's Rico Blanco(see photo). We were also entertained by the music of the band, Sandwich and Raimond Marasigan also shared his insights of songwriting.

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