Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Musical Feature: Mula Sa Buwan

My first encounter with the story Cyrano de Bergerac was from the movie Roxanne. Instead of the traditional French Renaissance era, it was set in a modern day U.S.  I later found out that it was an adaptation when a Tagalog version was played by Dolphy in the right timeline.
Nicco, Boo, Director Pat. KL, and Fred.

It is also the same with the musical adaptation Mula Sa Buwan. The story was set in 1940’s Manila before the Japanese occupation. Cyrano is now one of the soldiers enlisted in the early days of ROTC where the young men are tested for their love for country.

For those who are not familiar the story, Cyrano is a person who can almost do anything.  But his only flaw was his nose which was deforming long. In traditional productions, his nose was similar to the Japanese spirit called tengu. What he lacks in looks, he can make it up of poetic words. When the love of his life Roxanne got attracted to Christian because of his looks, Christian seeks Cyrano’s help because of his poetic tongue.

This is the second time it is going to be staged. Title character was played by Nicco Manalo and Boo Gabunada. It is the first time Boo is playing the part.  Boo says both of them will wear one prosthetic nose per performance. For Nicco, who is playing the part for the second time, the challenge was to make the prosthetic nose won’t get off during performance. He has to put in on 90 minutes before performance. Nicco adds that his version of Cyrano was not like a skilled fighter but a tough one. He can take on someone taller and look straight in the eye if he has to.

Fred Lo and Edward Bezonia alternates as Christian and KL Dizon plays Roxanne. Music by William Elvin Manzano and direction by Pat Valera. Watch Mula Sa Buwan in Irwin Theater, Ateneo De Manila University, Katipunan, Quezon City from December 2 to 4 with 6 performances at 3PM and 8PM.

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