Saturday, April 26, 2014

Absolute Play Releases New Music Video, “Hard Easy Semi-Correct”

The long wait is over! Absolute Play’s newest and hottest single, “Hard Easy Semi-Correct” is out now on YouTube!
The song is something that high school and college students can relate with. It speaks of one’s struggles in studying for classes and exams. The catchy beat and the extraordinary musicality make it a very promising single especially to those who love punk rock.
Love from Ely Buendia
After Mr. Tommy Tanchanco, the patriarch and manager of Absolute Play posted the video on Facebook, immediate love and a show of support was given by OPM legend Ely Buendia, saying, “I love this band”.
Absolute Play’s new album, “Children Of Chaos” is also out! Avail of the special Shirt and CD bundle promo for only Php600. For inquiries on how to get one, log on to and send in your orders.
Young and Promising
Talented as they are, the young musicians of Absolute Play have already composed 11 original songs. They play honest to goodness youth-punk music sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes, and good values.
These youngsters were invited to perform in a 200 year-old pub called Queens Arm Pub located in Barrow, Cumbria, England. This marked the band’s first ever international performance of 5 original songs from their album.
Very promising and inspiring, this youth punk-rock group will surely be the next big thing in the music industry. Their kind of music surpasses boundaries of age, capturing the young and the young-at-heart with their feel good songs.

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