Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Classical Guitarist Berta Rojas In Manila

In Paraguay, the mainstream musicians are the classical musicians. From Paraguay, classical guitarist Berta Rojas is going to perform here in the Philippines for two nights. One in Manila at the Meralco Theater on May 15(8PM) and in Cebu on May 17.
I am not totally into classical music but I learn to appreciate it. I also have some selections from the classical genre that I like to play. I have my favorites in almost all music genres. I may be listening to Van Halen one day and to Vivaldi the next day.
Skype conference with Berta Rojas
Most Filipinos in this generation are not into classical music. But there is a devoted few that still performs classical music. I started listening to classical music when some of my friends performs classical tunes in choral performances.
Paraguay is not that different from the Philippines. Both countries are former colonies of Spain. Both the Philippines and Paraguay are mixed-cultures. If classical music dominates the music fandom in Paraguay, why can't we developed the same interest in our classical Pinoy music. Hopefully, the concert of Ms. Rojas may start with it. Besides her, there are some classical guitarist that will also perform during the event.
I got to hear her talk about her concert during a conference via Skype. Hopefully, she will try to sing some Pinoy tunes here. For more updates on the latest concerts, like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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