Friday, November 7, 2014

Blogcon Exclusive: We Are All God's Children by Jamie Rivera

When I took part during EDSA Dos uprising, the song Hear Our Land was the battle cry of Pinoys which was interpreted by Jamie Rivera. For the upcoming Papal Visit, Ms. Jamie wrote a song and proposed it to Archbishop Soc Villegas and approved it. Thus, the song "We Are All God's Children" is now in tuned with Filipinos for the event.

The song is now available online at its Facebook page along with the choral arrangement and video for free so choirs from different parishes can rehearse it if they can be part of the biggest choir ensemble for the event.

The song is also available in Star Records along with other songs from Jed Madela, Erik Santos, Robert Sena, Aiza Seguerra, Juris, and Angeline Quinto. They will also do church tours to speed up the process.

According to Ms. Rivera, she wrote this song because her love for country is her motivation. I noticed that the song has an inclusive and positive message which can be also sung by anyone who believes in a Supreme Being regardless of religion. When I ask her if she intentionally made the song ecumenical or in simpler terms, breaking barriers of religious diversity. She simply answered Yes. We all recognized one God regardless of which religion you belong so there will be no discrimination.

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