Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lani Misalucha Skype interview coverage

The long wait is over. The concert of Lani Misalucha that was postponed will be on December 6. I got a chance to have a conference with her via Skype at Star Records conference room last October 17. According to her, it will be different genre and theme.

There will be pop songs, songs from the new album, and classical pieces/ballads but it will be like a Cirque de Soleil atmosphere. She has been performing and Las Vegas on regular days which is why we are only talking to her online.

She compared audiences here and Vegas. She simply answered, the Americans are easy to pleased unlike the Pinoys.  We Pinoys are restrained. We are shy to show appreciation and we are very musically inclined.

Her last performance in the Philippines was 2007 and we won't know when she will be back so this is the best year to watch her live. She will be joined by Arnel Pineda and Jed Madela at Araneta Center.

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