Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We Are All God's Children Album Launched

After spreading the word of choral pieces of the song online in preparation of the Papal visit, the album is finally available to the public. I was able to ask Ms. Jamie Rivera during an exclusive blogcon.

Jamie Rivera wrote the song and given arrangement by Noel Espenida. Jamie Rivera was given the title as inspirational diva when she sang Lord, Heal Our Land during EDSA Dos. During the launch, Ms. Jamie shared that when the song was broadcast, she had online bashers telling her to change the lyrics especially the first stanza:

Do you see these children on the streets
Have you walked the pavements where they sleep
Do you feel their hands, when you give them alms
Did you ever give them bread to eat.

In my opinion, some Christians are not concerned to the marginalized like the street children because they do not practiced what was preached. They just concerned with their own salvation. No one can do anything about the lyrics because that is the reflection of the writer and is approved by the Vatican.

I am not a Catholic but I have a huge respect for Pope Francis because he is a head of state and the only Pope from a third-world country.Just like any preacher from the third-world, he is a liberal theologian.

There are also interesting stories behind the song and it is not only from Jamie. On the video, which was used only for demo for the interpretative sign language by Ligaya Ng Panginoon. One of them had a mother who died because of cancer while doing the video. It is her mother's dying wish to finish the video no matter what even though she almost quit participating.

For more album launches, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. The launch was held at Villa Immaculada, Intramuros, Manila.

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