Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DisConTechNoThisContent: The Musicalienation of William Elvin

To most musicians, to define their own music doesn't happen in the mainstream music industry. Most of the time, you need to fund your own music label and produce your own album. These type of music are usually available during bar gigs.

I was tag along to have an informal dialogue with one independent musician in a food establishment Taumbayan in QC. His name is William Elvin. He already made some musical scores for theater productions and is having his own album under his own record label, Happy Mousey Records.
William Elvin with Gian Dimayuga

William says the album is just done at the convenience of his home using a laptop, instruments and microphone. He didn't have the luxury of using a studio but it makes it more intimate with the listeners. It was his first solo effort.
Duet with Janine Santos

William defines his music as pop rock with folk rock feel but he also have his own ballads in the album. he studied music in UST before starting in UP theater. Eventually, he got to perform his own music at the now-defunct  Mayric's.  Doing his own music gives him the more freedom than in the mainstream record label.
Musicians Gian Dimayuga, Jay Barrientos, William Elvin, and Janine Santos

William Elvin's music influence varies from Smashing Pumpkins and different rock, blues, ballads. His main influence comes from Ely Buendia and his idol, Bob Dylan. To William, his songs tells a story.

I was given a copy of his album but before I get home to listen to it, I got to hear it live from William Elvin himself. All eleven including the bonus track. William also performed with Gian Dimayuga, another independent musician. His track also includes his musical score at theater productions. I love all the songs. and among the tracks it's Alisbayan Box that caught my attention. It's about OFWs that are always packed to get back to another country they are working for. All of us Pinoys can relate since our majority of the Pinoys have OFWs relatives and friends.
The Youtube video above is one of his tracks in the album title, "I Love No One But You". William Elvin only produced limited copies to find out if it will gain attention and I am not sure how many did he already sold. You can get a copy of his album at his gigs. To find out where William Elvin is going to perform next, visit and like his Facebook page: William Elvin . For more updates about William Elvin and the independent music scene, like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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