Friday, June 13, 2014

Absolute Play's Children Of Chaos to be released in USB cards SOON!

Album release material
After the release of Absolute Play’s new album, “Children Of Chaos” in CD Format, the talented youth band is about to set another milestone with the upcoming release of its record in the form of USB cards.
The new medium aims to revolutionize the way people acquire their favorite artists’ music. It will be sold in 4gb and 8gb variants, thin and lightweight, and can be stored in one‘s wallet.
The new album contains ten tracks including their latest single “Hard Easy Semi-Correct”, “Beautiful Star”, “My Old Pal”, and the exciting collaboration single with Julz of Save Me Hollywood entitled “Little Miss Home Wrecker”. It was produced by 12 Stone Records.
After Absolute Play’s Children Of Chaos, other 12 Stone Records acts like Barbie Almalbis, Rocksteddy, and Save Me Holllywood are also scheduled to come out with USB Card versions of their albums. Stay tuned for updates regarding the dates of release.
The Children Of Chaos USB Card will be out soon and will initially be sold online. It can be availed individually or bundled with the Absolute Play limited edition special shirt. Prices will also be announced soon. For inquiries on how to get one, log on to

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