Friday, June 14, 2013

Austin Mahone’s ‘What About Love’ Promises to Get You Dancing

Watch out Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone is becoming the latest hot topic in teenybopper pop.


In his new video, “What About Love,” the 17-year-old shows off not only his vocal chops, but also his killer dance moves.


In an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest last week, Austin talked about the new song. “It’s basically a song about me in this relationship with a girl and something happened along the way and it’s like, ‘What about the promises we made. What about everything we did with each other? I guess it doesn’t mean anything anymore, so what about love?”


Austin is currently on tour with the one and only Taylor Swift and his full album, Junior Year, is due out later this year.



Austin Mahone Shows Off 'Challenging' Dance Moves In 'What About Love' Video


With his swoon-worthy lyrics, impressive dance moves and signature beanie hat, Austin Mahone is one step closer to pop stardom with his brand-new video, "What About Love."


On Monday, moments after the 17-year-old premiered his latest clip, he stopped by for "Live From MTV," telling a crowd of his biggest Mahomies the concept behind the video.


"It's me kinda singing to this girl, but it has a lot of flashbacks," Mahone said. "So it's me remembering all the times we had ... there are a lot of good scenes, me in the garage at the motel — it's just a cool video."


Mahone teamed up with famed director Colin Tilley, who has worked with a host of big-name artists, including Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Yet what's equally impressive about Mahone's latest effort is his choreography.


"Every video I've done, I've done more and more dancing," Mahone said. "And I think the more videos I do in the future, the dancing is just going to get better and more challenging."


There's one thing that won't get any easier, however: dancing with his beanie hat, especially when, as was the case with "What About Love," he's shooting in the Miami heat.


"It was tough," Mahone said of dancing in his hat. "I definitely lost a couple pounds that day. Just gotta look good."


Austin Mahone Reminds Us Of Justin Bieber On The Today Show


We love Austin Mahone, and we hate to compare him to anyone, but when we tuned in for his performance on The Today Show we couldn’t help but think of Justin Bieber. Not because of his music, or his style, but because of his fancy footwork!


Austin nailed his performance of his new single “What About Love” on The Today Show, and fans went wild when he took the stage!


Watch Austin’s performance below, and let us know what YOU think!


Then, be sure to check out Austin’s “What About Love” music video





Austin Mahone On His New Album & Collaborating With Taylor Swift



Austin’s career will surely explode after the release of his new album.


The singer told exclusively that his new music has ‘a different sound’ and he may collaborate with Taylor Swift!


Austin Mahone launched his single, “What About Love,” at the iheartradiotheater in NYC on June 7. The pop sensation, who’s often compared to Justin Bieber, exclusively what Taylor Swift’s really like and how his new album will remind you of the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.


Austin Mahone’s New Album — New Sound & A Potential Taylor Swift Collaboration


What can we expect from your new album?


My new album, it’s going to have a different sound from what you heard with “Say Something” and “Say You’re Just a Friend.” I did my entire album with Red One and I play guitar and piano so I got a chance to put that on the track. It’s a mixture between like old school Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC melodies mixed with newer production like electronic dance music.


Watch out for Austin Mahone upcoming album exclusively under MCA Music, in cooperation with SMART, Live More and Line.

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