Wednesday, March 8, 2017

FEDER announces the release of ‘Back For More feat. Daecolm’

Press release

Feder - real name Hadrien Federiconi - originates from Nice where he grew up with love of the local and international house and hip-hop scenes. Feder decided to make the move to Paris in order to make his mark as a producer. Released towards the end of 2013, his debut track ‘Sixto’ - a rework of Rodriguez’s ‘Can’t Get Away’ earned a strong following online and was approved by Rodriguez himself. But it was his original release, ‘Goodbye’ that placed Feder into several music charts worldwide. A massive hit, ‘Goodbye’ charted at #1 on the iTunes Charts in 28 countries, #1 on the Shazam Charts in Europe and is the #50 most shazamed track of all time. His follow up ‘Blind’ shared similar success with earning Top 10 status in 12 countries and earning a place in the Top 5 in the French Spotify chart.

A Spotify Spotlight Artist for 2016 in his native France, Feder toured in renowned Ibiza venues like Ushuaia and Pacha and released ‘Lordly’ feat. Alex Aiono the same year. ‘Lordly’ evokes a cinematic feel, utilizing echoed strings, driving horns and heavy synths that perfectly combine with Aiono’s chilling vocals. Also a keen remixer, Feder has reworked tracks for the likes of David Guetta and Rudimental.

This Friday 3rd March 2017, Feder releases Back For More feat. Daecolm’. “This track is a new adventure for me again. I’m trying a new direction with a different sound than what I did with my previous releases. Before I created it, I wanted to go to the UK, spend some time there and feel the vibe, so I could get inspired from it. This is how ‘Back For More’ was created, in different studios all around London - trying out different things with Daecolm” says Feder.

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