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March 17, 2017 – Multi-platinum, triple Grammy nominee Lukas Graham has shared the official video for their upbeat new single “Drunk In The Morning,” just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Directed by Marc Klasfeld and shot during a day at The Venice Beach Boardwalk, the light-hearted video shows off a different side of the band, partying alongside some of their closest friends and family who they flew out to California from Denmark for the shoot. Also flown in for the occasion were eight of the iconic Christiania Bikes – family and cargo tricycles designed in the band’s car-free hometown of Christiania in Copenhagen. Kick back and party along with the band in the video below.

WATCH/SHARE: Lukas Graham’s “Drunk In The Morning Video”:

Lukas Graham, led by vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, have had a remarkable past year, releasing their self-titled debut album to widespread critical acclaim, selling out tours across the U.S. and around the world, and earning three Grammy nominations for their quadruple Platinum breakout hit “7 Years.” The single was the highest-selling single by a debut artist in 2016, and the third-highest selling single of the year overall, solidifying Lukas Graham’s status as the biggest breakout act of the year.

Critical Praise for Lukas Graham:
"Pop's brash new prince." - Billboard

"Balancing old-and-new-school soul with Bruno Mars panache, this Danish singer's debut is a fine argument for pop optimism." - Rolling Stone

"Lukas Graham...writes neatly turned songs that merge the lilt of pop-soul with the quick cadences of hip-hop, and he sings about earnest striving that gets its deserved reward." - New York Times

"Laid-back and soulful, songs effortlessly blend elements of hip hop and folk while relaying oftentimes relatable experiences, such as coming from nothing (Mama Said) and regrettable booty calls (Drunk in the Morning). Like 7 Years, Don't You Worry 'Bout Me and Funeral grapple with loss, but in a more upbeat fashion." - USA Today

"[Lukas Graham brings] ebullience, sincerity, and some very good pop tunes...with a strain of honesty that's rare in pop."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Graham's vocals...somehow deliver both sentimentality and pick-me-up infectiousness. A must-listen." - PEOPLE

"Not since Ed Sheeran played SXSW 2012 has anybody hit the festival so fully-formed, so at-the-ready with pop radio hits-in-waiting. Perhaps already a Best New Artist Grammy frontrunner, Lukas Forchhammer has charm to burn."
- Esquire 

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